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Back Pain

Don't suffer with back pain. Try an effective treatment, like chiropractic.

Neck Pain

Your Henderson chiropractor is an expert at relieving neck pain.

Auto Accidents

If you've been in a car accident, and are suffering from chronic headaches or any other pain as a result, see Dr. Nash for help!


Taking a pain killer for your headaches? Try a treatment that can eliminate them for good.


Sciatica is symptom (including pain) that may be caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots.

Work Injuries

Work injuries are best treated by someone who has experience doing so. See your Henderson chiropractor today for help.

Disc Pain

Disc pain affects a large majority of the population at one point or another. Get your disc pain correctly diagnose by doing a chiropractic exam.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves can be extremely painful, and prevent you from working.


Henderson Chiropractor, Dr. Nash, can work with YOU to get your body back to peak physical health!

Chiropractor Henderson

Your Henderson Chiropractor, Dr. Kathleen Nash, D.C Welcomes YOU!

Dr. Kathleen Nash, D.C, Chiropractor invites you to our chiropractic office in Henderson, NV.

We are at 204 W. Pacific Ave, in Henderson, NV 89015.

Dr. Kathleen Nash – Your Transformation Catalyst

Looking for a chiropractor in Henderson? Visiting our website is the best way to find one. 

Do yourself a favor. Spend some time learning about the health benefits of chiropractic care. You will soon see how Dr. Kathleen Nash can change your life!

Dr. Nash can explain how you can end your suffering. Chiropractic care will bring relief to patients who have previously been living with pain and other symptoms.

People living with pain and other symptoms can not enjoy the same quality of life that those who live symptom-free do. As your chiropractor we will discuss your current health concerns and explain exactly how we can help you using the natural healing techniques used with chiropractic care.

Dr. Kathleen Nash wants you to know she is here For YOU! Pacific Chiropractic: Where The Before Meets The After!

Chiropractors are trained to use very special adjustment techniques, some using only the hands, others using specialized instruments. Our approach is to choose the best techniques for your unique situation and condition. At Pacific Chiropractic in Henderson, you can be sure that you’ll experience the most modern and up-to-date chiropractic techniques available.


1. Manage Pain and Decrease Symptoms

2. Improved Immune System

3. Escape Harmful Side Effects

4. Movement Flow and Improve Flexibility

We have helped people with a large number of conditions. Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain (fibromyalgia), disc problems, carpal tunnel, pregnancy issues, dizziness, digestive issues or any other type of pain?

We’re Here For YOU!

Call us today at (702) 487-9375 to set up an appointment for your exam and consultation.

Discover how chiropractic care can put your concerns about pain to rest. You can soon lead a healthier, happier life.                   Dr. Kathleen Nash, D.C and the staff look forward to meeting you and providing the very best in chiropractic care, a natural health care technique used for centuries.

We’ve been in business over 11 years and have proudly served over 3300 patients.

We not only serve patients in Henderson, we also welcome patients from Henderson and surrounding areas.

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